Hidden Fence E-Commerce Website Case Study

Hidden Fence, a leading supplier of electronic dog and cat products in Australia, has been a long-term SMG client for almost 20 years. Our online partnership with Hidden Fence has seen this company grow from a small home business to an Australia-wide company with distributors in every state.

As you might expect, the needs of the business have changed along the way. SMG has redesigned Hidden Fence’s website a number of times to meet the company’s changing needs, branding, and market. The biggest change occurred when Hidden Fence moved its business model from exclusive retail to incorporate internet sales, selling Hidden Fence kits online.

Hidden Fence asked SMG to develop an online shop/E-Commerce website and an online sales strategy to encourage growth. The first phase was to design an E-Commerce Website with a shopping cart.

Once SMG had bedded down the online platform to ensure functionality, SMG implemented an AdWords Campaign to attract new customers to the website. AdWords is a particularly useful short to medium-term strategy for increasing traffic and enquiries.

The next stage of the project was to develop a customised interactive order process.

The customised order process allows customers to enter in details such as the number of pets they have, the type of pet they have, the size of their yard, the required fence length and collar colours. Recommendations for the products they need are then generated. This feature has greatly improved the user experience for Hidden Fence’s customers.

More recently, Hidden Fence asked us to improve their sales even further. After extensive consultation and competitor research, SMG developed a Growth Plan with a focus on driving organic traffic to the website, which is an important foundation of any long-term SEO Strategy. Key to the effectiveness of this strategy has been SMG’s ability to identify target keywords with good search volume and significantly improve search engine rankings with multiple keyword rankings on the first page (and in position 1) of Google search results, as shown below.

Extract Hidden Fence Keyword Ranking Report Generated September 2023

At the time of writing, Hidden Fence had 16 tracked keywords ranked Number 1 and 61 target keywords ranked in the Top 10 search results (first page).

While improving search engine rankings is important for driving traffic over the longer term, it is not the final goal. More important is the ability to generate direct enquiries from the traffic that comes to our client’s website. SEO Conversion Strategies are extremely important in achieving positive outcomes for our clients.

In the case of Hidden Fence, over the past 12 months since implementing SEO Strategies, sales almost doubled, as evidenced by the graph below. AdWords (which was running prior to SEO) has contributed to some extent, but the main driver has been increased organic traffic and better conversion opportunities.

Extracted from Semrush report: Hidden Fence E-Commerce Sales by Unit to July 2023

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