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Synchromedia provides a Domain Name Registration and Domain Name Management Service for the convenience of our customers. While most of our customers are aware they need to set up an address or name for their website, sometimes they don’t know how to go about this process or even what it is called. Read on to understand a domain name and why it is essential for your online presence.

What is a domain name?

Your domain name is your internet address. It is the name that you type into your browser to bring up your website. It is in the URL or web address for your business. The domain name is also used in email addresses that are specific to your business. 

Using your domain name in your email address, e.g. [email protected], gives a professional look to your email correspondence and builds trust with your clients as they know they are corresponding with your business directly. 

Typically, most businesses try to register a domain name that is very similar to their business name or correlates strongly with their branding. Sometimes registering the name you want is difficult as someone else has beaten you to it, perhaps with a similar business in another state or even another country. You can try purchasing the domain name from that business or work around it with another domain name suffix – a domain name extension.

In Australia, most businesses like to register a domain name extension. Other popular suffixes in Australia include .net, .org, .com, and .co. Each country also has their own domain name extension, such as .us in the United States, .nz in New Zealand and .uk in the United Kingdom. Educational institutions may have a .edu extension, while government agencies typically use .gov.

The domain name you choose says a lot about your business, so choose it carefully. Also, be careful not to let your domain name expire – someone else could steal it. It is very important to set up a system for domain name renewals. More about that later.

What is the purpose of a domain name?

The purpose of a domain name is to create a unique address for your business on the internet, one that is much more interesting than a set of numbers found in your IP address. Your domain name will form part of your website’s URL, along with other information that provides a set of instructions for users to find your website – kind of like providing a map so people can find you.

Your domain name will look something like this:

What is a domain name registration?

Domain Name Registration is the process of acquiring a unique and exclusive name for a website on the internet. It needs to be purchased through a regulating body. In Australia, domain names are regulated by au Domain Administration (auDA).

How do you do a domain name availability search?

The first step is deciding on a suitable website domain name. It should be relevant to your website’s content or business and should be easy to remember and type. Once you have a domain name in mind, you need to check if it’s available for registration by doing a domain name search. This is done by checking the availability of your preferred domain name against a central registry. Your website address can relate to your business name or product line.

You can check if the domain name is available by typing it in the search bar above.

If your desired domain name is available, simply follow the prompts to register your domain.

Where can I register a domain name in Australia?

Your domain name must be registered or licensed before you can put your website address online. You can register your domain name using an approved registrar like Synchromedia Group. Registering your domain name will require payment of a registration fee. Please be aware there are rules around registering your domain name. Synchromedia Group can help you navigate these rules and simplify the registration process.

What details do I need to provide to register a domain name in Australia?

You must provide basic contact information, proof of being an Australian citizen, resident or entity and either an ABN, ACN or Business Registration. 

How much does a domain name cost?

The cost of registering your domain name will vary depending on the country it relates to, the length of time you register the domain name, and whether or not the registrar includes domain name management as part of your registration fee. Different registrars will have different policies around this.

Synchromedia Group includes free domain name management with ALL domain name registrations. We also offer domain name registration and hosting as part of a complete website design and website marketing solution.

Simply shoot us an email or contact us with your questions.

Alternatively, go to Register Domain, where all the domain name prices will be displayed.

Why is the domain name price different for different types of domain names?

The domain name price can vary for different domain names due to several factors. These can include

  • The domain extension
  • The country the domain relates to
  • Registrar Pricing Policies
  • The length of time the domain is registered for
  • Domain Management

FREE Domain Name Management

The single biggest cause of websites (and emails) going offline is the domain name expiring. Domain name management is a system to ensure your domain registration is kept current. It allows your domain registration to be renewed on an automatic basis. If you register your domain name with SMG, we will email and call you when your domain needs to be renewed so it never unknowingly expires.

This means you protect your business from someone else stealing your domain name if you have let your domain registration run out.

This is a free service (standard registration rates apply for renewing your domain name).

What is a domain name renewal?

Domain name renewal is the process of extending the registration period of an existing domain name. When you initially register a domain name, you are securing it for a specific period, ranging from one to ten years, depending on your chosen registration duration. You can renew the domain before the registration period expires, ensuring you maintain ownership and control of the domain name.

How do I renew my domain name?

Here’s how domain name renewal works:

  • Expiration Notice: Synchromedia Group sends renewal reminders to the email address associated with the domain name a few weeks or months before the domain’s expiration date. It serves as a notification that the domain registration is about to expire and needs to be renewed to avoid losing ownership.
  • Check the Details: When you receive the expiration notice, review the domain details, including the expiration date and the registration period. Ensure that the contact information associated with the domain is up to date to receive renewal notifications.
  • Renewal Process: Log in to your account to renew the domain name. Once logged in, you can locate the domain you want to renew and initiate the renewal process. 
  • Select Renewal Period: You will be asked to choose the renewal period during the renewal process. You can typically renew the domain for one or more years, depending on your preference and the options provided by the registrar.
  • Complete the Payment: After selecting the renewal period, you will need to pay the renewal fee. Alternatively, pay the invoice we email you before the domain expires. Once we receive payment, the domain will be renewed.
  • Confirmation: Once the payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation of the domain name renewal. The registration period is extended from the original expiration date, providing you with continued domain name ownership for the chosen renewal period.

What happens if my domain name expires?

It’s essential to renew your domain name before it expires. IF YOUR DOMAIN NAME EXPIRES, YOUR WEBSITE WILL NOT WORK! 

YOUR EMAILS WILL ALSO STOP WORKING if they are linked to the domain name. If you fail to renew the domain before the expiration date, it enters a grace period during which you can still renew it without penalty and get your website working again. 

However, suppose you do not renew the domain during the grace period. In that case, it may enter a redemption period (usually about 30 days), during which you can still recover the domain but at a higher cost. If you also allow the redemption period to lapse, the domain may become available for registration by someone else. Therefore, timely renewal is crucial to maintaining ownership and control of your domain name.

How do I do a domain name transfer?

We can arrange if you wish to transfer your domain name management to Synchromedia Group.

To facilitate this process, we need the domain key details. Suppose you have registered your domain through another registrar. In that case, we will either need to request the domain keys from that registrar or update your contact details for the domain so that domain keys can be sent directly to your contact email address. After we have the domain key, the transfer should take up to 48 hours. When transferring your domain, you will most likely want to move your website hosting to us.

Call us on 07 3341 7224 to discuss your options.

Beware Of Domain Name Registration Scams

If you have your domain name registered by Synchromedia Group and you have received a phone call, email or letter from a different company advising that it needs to be renewed, it might be a scam. To find out more, call us on 07 3341 7224.