AdWords / Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Quickly attract qualified leads to your website.

One way to appear at the top of a Google search result is to pay for it. Google allows customers to place an ad for their products or services at the top of a search page when specific keywords that you choose are typed in the search bar. The cost of the clicks and your budget will depend on the competition for the keywords you choose and the goals of the campaign. The good thing about this form of advertising is Google only charges you if someone clicks on your ad and visits your site. This means you are only paying for qualified visitors to your site.

Google Adwords and Pay Per Click Advertising

This type of Website Marketing is known as Pay-Per-Click advertising – as the name suggests, you only pay for each click on your website link/URL. Google’s Pay Per Click offering is known as AdWords. An AdWords campaign must be developed and managed through an accredited AdWords specialist. SMG has accredited AdWords specialists who can help you formulate an AdWords campaign and budget.

Ideally AdWords should be a short term strategy while developing a long term SEO strategy for organic ranking growth.