Web Hosting

Superior Australian Web Hosting with support based in Brisbane

Our goal is to have 100% uptime for your website. Our promise is to respond to your hosting issues within one hour.

Test us out now, our Australian support team are ready to help. Give us a call on 07 3341 7224

Shared Cpanel hosting

99.95% uptime.
24/7 Australian based support
Made for small to medium business

 Option 1Option 2*Option 3
Pricing (per year)$160.00$245.00$374.00
Web Space5GB10GB20GB
Website TypePlaceholderStandardLarge Website
Email Accounts52050
PHP, MySQL (Database)tick tick
24 / 7 Phone & Email Support tick ticktick
*Option 2 is the most commonly used optionORDERORDERORDER

Shared VPS hosting

VPS 10 – 10 or fewer sites on the server
Perfect for E-Commerce or busy websites

VPS 10 – 10 or less sites on serverMonthlyQuarterlyYearly
Pricing (per year)$49.95$149.85$495
Web Space50 g/b50 g/b50 g/b
Website TypePlaceholderStandardLarge Website
Email Accounts000
PHP, MySQL (Database)ticktick tick
24 / 7 Phone & Email Support tick ticktick

Dedicated VPS hosting

Built for large E-Commerce, WordPress multi Sites or busy websites.

Your site will be hosted on its own VPS server with the following specifications. 

4096MB Memory

Pricing (per year)$99.95$299.85$995
Web Space80 g/b80 g/b80 g/b
Website TypeLarge or ECommerceLarge or ECommerceLarge or ECommerce
Traffic3000 g/b3000 g/b3000 g/b
Email Accounts000
PHP, MySQL (Database)ticktick tick
24 / 7 Phone & Email Support tick ticktick

australian-hostingWhy host with SMG?

  1. Established in 2001- we’ve been around for a while.
  2. We’re Developers, We Fix Websites – we can be your one point of contact.
  3. Australian Servers, Australian Support – fast & efficient servers and support.
  4. 99.9%+ Server Up-time
  5. We Answer The Phone

There are thousands of web hosts around who all claim to be the best. So how do you know we will do what you need?

Here are a few things that we think are important.

We have been around for a while.

We are not some start up that’s been going for 10 minutes and will take your money and disappear in the next 10 minutes. Our business is over 19 years old, here’s the link to our registration, so we have been around for a while and know what we are doing.

We have the best servers money can buy

Our servers have the latest software and we are always working on the security to make sure that they are secure.

We monitor our servers 24/7/365

We get a notification within a minute if there is ever a problem. Here is a link to the uptime stats of some of our servers. As you can see the uptime is exceptional. What that means is that our servers rarely break down meaning that your website is up and running more than 99.9% of the time.

Support – our clients love us.

It’s no accident that people say good things. We don’t work on the sausage machine principle. We are a medium size business that values the relationship with every customer and work really hard to keep everybody happy.


We are not the cheapest that you will find but we offer great value for what we provide. We are not the low budget host who doesn’t care if the site is up or down or doesn’t answer your questions for days. We are here for you when you need us on the phone, email or however you want to contact us.

What is web hosting and why do I need website hosting?

When you have a web site designed you need to store that information somewhere so that people using the Internet can find it. We store that information for you on one of our web site servers. Think of us as your host for the Internet world and our servers as waiters dishing out your pages to anyone that types in your web site address. You need to have your web site hosted for other people to see it. This is known as website hosting.

Synchromedia offers a full range of website hosting services to meet the needs of your business. We use the latest technology to ensure your website is available quickly and reliably. We also provide 24/7 support which means help is only a phone call or an E-mail away.