Email Marketing & Automation

Stay in touch with your client base regularly via email

When someone makes an email inquiry through your website, signs up for a newsletter or requests further information is emailed to them, they are providing you with an avenue to nurture that relationship carefully. Email marketing campaigns are a tried and tested marketing strategy that help convert potential customers into a sale. Electronic Direct mail is often an underrated tool that can serve as an adjunct to your Website Marketing campaign to nurture existing clients and promote to new market segments.

Email Marketing

An Email Marketing Campaign will help build a responsive mailing list of existing or potential customers interested in being notified of your business promotions, news and more. It can provide an additional promotional avenue for your business online using cost-effective, automated messaging to directly communicate with your target audience. Email Marketing Campaigns have been shown to increase customer retention and loyalty and nurture leads and conversions through targeted and trackable campaigns.

Synchromedia will consider the appropriateness of an Email Marketing Campaign as part of your overall Website Marketing Strategy.