Tamarind Hills – Growth Plan Case Study

Tamarind Hills, a luxury resort in Antigua, came to SMG with an existing website that was not performing as well as they had hoped.

SMG identified several factors that were limiting their website traffic and bookings.

The first factor was slow website hosting. To resolve this problem, SMG moved the website to one of our dedicated VPS servers located in the USA. Hosting the website in closer proximity to Antigua and their target market in the USA meant the website loaded faster for prospective clients. Using a dedicated/private server also meant their website didn’t compete for space and loaded more quickly, enabling faster loading of images and real-time bookings.

Tamarind Hills also asked SMG to manage their email hosting. SMG was able to help them with fast and reliable email hosting to support their Microsoft Office 365 email system.

Tamarind Hills then asked us to consult on their booking system. SMG was able to improve the Tamarind Hills booking system by improving the functionality of the website with a redesign of the navigation system. This resulted in more visible navigation on desktop and mobile devices. 

User engagement was improved further by adding video content to the website as well as engaging photographs of the resort. Further staged changes to the website’s functionality are planned.

With some of the more practical aspects addressed, the next focus was to develop a Growth Plan, with the ultimate goals of increasing holiday bookings and positioning Tamarind Hills as a luxury destination in Antigua.

Creating the Growth Plan involved extensive consultation, research and competitor analysis.

Through a combination of Website SEO Strategies, including targeted onsite SEO Content for identified keywords, SMG was able to improve search engine rankings, increase organic traffic and ultimately increase bookings.

The results were exceptional. Since January 2023, search engine rankings of target keywords improved by an average of 23 places. Organic website traffic improved by 500% from September 2022 to September 2023. Overall bookings are up 650% since the implementation of the Growth Plan.

Don’t believe us? See the results for yourself:

Semrush Report: Tamarind Hills User Acquisition from Organic Traffic with Conversions

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