How Do I Get a Domain Name? Understanding Domain Name Management

In today’s market, establishing a strong online presence is essential for businesses and individuals alike. Securing a domain name—your unique address on the Internet is central to this endeavour. But how exactly do you go about obtaining a domain name, and what role does domain name management play in maintaining your online identity? Let’s explore the ins and outs of domain name management to help you navigate this crucial aspect of your online presence.

What is a Domain Name?

Think of your domain name as your website’s unique online address, serving as the digital equivalent of a street address. It typically consists of a memorable name reflecting your business, followed by an extension, such as .com, .org,.net, or, most commonly in Australia,

What is the Purpose of Having a Domain Name?

Having a domain name establishes your online address. When combined with website hosting and a responsive website design, your website becomes accessible to users worldwide, allowing visitors to navigate to your website.

What is the Domain Name System in Australia?

In Australia, domain names are managed by the .au Domain Administration (auDA), a nonprofit organisation responsible for overseeing the registration and administration of .au domain names. The domain name system in Australia follows a strict framework and regulations to ensure fair and transparent allocation of domain names.

How Much Does a Domain Name Cost?

The yearly cost of a domain name varies depending on the chosen domain extension (.com, .net,, etc.) and the domain registrar you choose to register with. Prices typically range from around $50 to several hundred dollars per year, especially if you are registering multiple extensions.

How Do I Know If a Domain Name Is Available?

Simple. Search here to see if your preferred domain name is available. SMG can help you register your domain name.

Check availability of a domain you would like to register:

Should I Manage My Own Domain Name?

While it’s possible to manage your own domain name, many individuals and businesses opt to enlist the services of a domain name management provider to handle the technical aspects and ensure smooth operation. Professional domain name management can save time and alleviate the burden of managing DNS settings, renewals, and other administrative tasks.

What are the Benefits of Domain Name Management?

Domain name management offers several benefits, including:

  1. Expertise: Domain name management providers possess the knowledge and expertise to navigate the complexities of domain registration and administration, ensuring compliance with regulations and best practices.
  2. Convenience: Outsourcing domain name management permits attention to your day to day business activities while leaving the technical details to experienced professionals.
  3. Security: Professional domain name management services often include stringent security measures to protect against unauthorised access and domain hijacking.

What Happens if My Domain Name Expires?

Domain Name Management

If your domain name expires, no one can see your website, and you risk losing control of your online identity and website. Depending on your registrar’s policies, there may be a grace period where the domain is parked, during which time you can renew your domain name without penalty. However, if you fail to renew within the specified timeframe, your domain name may be released back into the pool of available names, leaving you vulnerable to domain squatting or loss of brand identity.

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