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Responsive Web Design in Brisbane

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Most of the sites that we monitor regularly see between 30-40 percent of their website visitors using tablets or mobile phones.

If your website is older or not built with mobiles in mind, your visitors could be having a poor experience trying to get information from your site.

That's why you need responsive website design.

Responsive web design ensures that your visitors receive the best possible viewing experience, regardless of what device they are using. Whether a visitor is on a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device, responsive design changes a website's size and layout depending on the type of device that is being used and the size of the screen.

Ballina Lakeside Responsive Web Design

We use special coding to recognise the type of device the visitor is using combined with fluid grids and image size flexibility to tailor the experience for each user.

In its simplest form, a different style or layout is rendered depending on the size of the browser window. It is more evident if you were to shrink a browser window of a responsive website. You would see the content, images and layout transform to fit the current window width as the browser window minimises.

Advantages of Responsive Design

The major benefit of owning a responsive website is the money and time that can be saved. It's a common public belief that website owners need one website for visitors on a desktop and a separate website targeted for mobile/tablet viewers. Thanks to responsive website design, this is not the case. You can have one website that is suitable on all types of devices which means only one website to update, manage and promote. In addition, it will also make your search engine optimisation and social media marketing easier as you only have one web address to promote for each page.

It is obvious that more internet users are using their mobiles and smartphones than ever before due to the convenience and advancements in technology.

Call us on (07) 3341 7224 to discuss how responsive design can help your business online or for a free quote on how to make your website mobile and tablet friendly.

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